July 2017 Newsletter

Hello, Members! 
It’s hard to believe that summer is already halfway over! Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations have made 2017 a busy year for tourism in Canada, and Nunavut is no exception.

We’re back with a fresh new look for our e-newsletter to keep our content looking good while keeping you informed. Keep reading for all the latest news and information affecting tourism in Nunavut.

Welcome, New Members!
Nunavut Tourism welcomes the following new members:

Aniirajak Ski  and Adventure Club (Iqaluit)
(514) 912.8583 | aniirajakclub@gmail.com

The mission of the Aniirajak Ski and Adventure Club is to advance cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities, make equipment available, organize events, undertake promotional activities, facilitate participation in races, develop infrastructure, organize lessons, offer clinics, fundraise and create maps. Find us on Facebook!

Francois Fortin Consultant (Iqaluit)
(514) 912.8583 | francois@ffortin.ca

François Fortin Consultant offers a wide variety of professional services to hamlets, governments, societies and businesses.  Its main services are in communication, management and development. François Fortin has almost 5 years of experience in community, tourism and business development in Iqaluit, Nunavut. François Fortin Consultant can help you grow and realize your vision.

Koda Adventures (Kugluktuk)
(867) 446.1944 | kodaadventuretours@gmail.com

Strategically located at the mouth of the Coppermine River, the town site is built on excellent hunting and fishing lands used by the Copper Inuit for hundreds of years.  We provide ATV tours, jet-boat tours, cultural tours (quilliq lighting, throat singing, drum dancing, square dancing).  We also teach the traditional way of making our food and after you help make it you get to try it!

Pangnirtung Fjordview Bed & Breakfast (Pangnirtung)
(867) 473.8039 | www.beconnectedservices.ca

The Pangnirtung Fjordview Bed & Breakfast has been designed to be a “Home Away from Home » for visitors to Pangnirtung. The newly renovated building is located centrally in the community and offers a spectacular view of Pangnirtung Fjord. The B&B has two rooms: One room with a double bed and one room with a single bed. The rooms feature comfortable beds, cable television, a HiFi audio system, a desk-top computer connected to a multi-function printer and Wifi. BeConnected Business & Hospitality Services also organizes community tours and provides office support services.

Polar Ice Adventures Outfitting
(Resolute Bay)

(867) 252.3249 | rnungaq@qiniq.com

Polar Ice Adventures Outfitting provides a wide range of outdoor experiences including wildlife viewing, bird watching, ATV and snowmobile trips, boating (including charter services), camping and hiking, fishing and hunting, floe edge trips, town tours, park visits, arts and cultural experiences and much more.

A Mid-Summer Update from Inspiration Village!

Our awesome team of young Inuit staff is continuing to do a great job as tourism ambassadors at Ottawa’s Inspiration Village this summer!

They’re not just promoting Nunavut – they’re selling trips! Staff have reported several cases of exhibit patrons returning to the Nunavut sea can to say they were either planning or had booked a trip! Inspiration Village’s own Event Director became so enthusiastic about Nunavut that she booked her own trip to Iqaluit this fall and reached out to tell us how great our staff are!

Thank you to members who submitted photos and videos to be shown on the exhibit’s 55” flat-screen tv.

With up to 25,000 visitors per day on weekends and up to 7,500 on weekdays, Inspiration Village has been an incredible opportunity to promote Nunavut and our members’ tourism experiences to a broad audience.

Key Facts about the Nunavut Wildlife Observation Licence

On July 30, 2015, the Department of Environment (DoE) implemented new regulations under the Wildlife Act, which included new licence requirements for businesses involved in wildlife viewing.

Currently, there is not much information available online to explain who needs the Nunavut Wildlife Observation License and when, so we met with DoE’s Wildlife Management Division to get the facts for our members.

The application form for the licence is available online here. At Nunavut Tourism’s request, guidelines to accompany the application will be made available online soon.

Until then, here is what members should know:

  • Any tourism business that offers wildlife viewing as an activity to their clients must obtain a Wildlife Observation Licence
  • You do NOT need a Wildlife Observation Licence when wildlife viewing is not the purpose of the tourism activity but may happen by chance. For example, an outfitter who takes clients cross-country skiing may see wildlife along the way, however it is not the focus of the experience.
  • One licence is needed per business, and the licence is typically valid for a year. Fees range between $100 – $175, depending on whether or not the applicant is a Nunavut resident
  • A letter of support from the local HTO must accompany your application. This can be the same letter of support used to obtain your territorial Outfitter Licence.
  • Businesses should apply for the licence a minimum of 4-6 weeks in advance
  • The licence requires operators to follow guidelines that are designed to protect both tourists and wildlife, such as safe minimum viewing distances

For more information about the Wildlife Observation Licence, contact your local Wildlife Office or email Jon Neely at jneely@gov.nu.ca.