May 2018 Newsletter

CEO’s Message

2018 has been a busy year in the office so far!

We have completed the re-brand of Nunavut Tourism to Travel Nunavut. Our day to day name will be Travel Nunavut.

We identified the need for this change to align with industry best practices throughout Canada and to clearly define the roles and responsibilities between us and Destination Nunavut. We still work very closely with Destination Nunavut but we are a member driven organization.

Our new website is up and running and I am very pleased with how it looks and operates. We are already seeing some great data from it and I know that this will continue to evolve. Member companies are prominently featured but this can only happen with content from each tourism operator. I encourage each of you to send us as much information on packages, itineraries and your unique information including your quality pictures.

We have had some staff changes with Donna on leave and Sara relocating with her family to Whitehorse, but that brings us new staff with different ideas and strengths.

We have also created a partnership with HUB Insurance to bring our members better rates. We are always looking for ideas that benefit you, our members.


New name, new look; Travel Nunavut

At the special meeting held in March you were asked to vote on changing the operating name from Nunavut Tourism to Travel Nunavut. We are still legally Nunavut Tourism we just operate as Travel Nunavut.

With 23 members in good standing attending and 45 members voting the motion to re-brand was carried.

We have been working diligently with our partner, Alphabet Creative to make this happen and create a fresh look that includes new logo and branding for all of our social media as well as the new website at

New Website

The Travel Nunavut website is designed to prominently feature you, our members. Early on in the process we identified the need for social media and content development curated to drive traffic to our members.

After months of work the website is live and can be viewed at our new domain

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easy way to learn about each member and the variety of services, packages and itineraries that are offered in Nunavut. We realize that not everyone fits into the listed categories so we are working on more categories like day trips, Inuit art and carvings, festivals as well as other activities to do while in Nunavut.

If you want to add more information to your company’s listing please email marketing@travelnunavut.caand we can work with you to add the content.

In the coming weeks we will be adding more features to the back end designed to continually improve how things work so that we can analyze the data and identify what is working and not working.

Here is a snapshot of referrals that came from that resulted in a phone call or email being sent to a member company.

Goodbye and Welcome.

After many years of working for Travel Nunavut in both Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit Sara has moved with her family to Whitehorse where after living above the tree line she is planning to enjoy trees and grass!
Replacing Sara is Robynn Pavia as Manager of Marketing & Research. Robynn has years of marketing experience and also the experience of owning a small business herself. Robynn comes to Travel Nunavut from the Qikiqtani Inuit Association.

As many of you already know Donna has taken a leave of absence but we wouldn’t want to leave our members without a contact at the office so replacing her is Tony Canny.  Tony is Australian, so if you have any trouble understanding him just ask him to speak slowly!  Tony has lived in Iqaluit for almost 2 years after joining Lisa his partner here in 2016.  He says he is loving life in the North and is about to become a Permanent Resident of Canada.


NEW: Member Insurance Option

We have partnered with Hub International Insurance to bring you the best possible rates on commercial insurance.

We understand that insurance can be one of the biggest expenses for business but it is very close to one of the most needed pieces of information requested by organizations and travelers alike.

Do you know someone that is thinking about starting an outfitting business but are hesitant because of the high cost of insurance? Have you reviewed your current policy, there could be areas of savings for you.

Send an email to Tony at and he can give you all the information.

Refer a friend

Do you have a friend in the tourism industry?  Refer them to Travel Nunavut so they can enjoy the same member benefits. They can contact Tony at or by phone on 867.979.6551.

A larger membership base gives you, our members, a stronger presence in the tourism marketplace. Membership benefits everyone!

News from Rendez-vous Canada 2018

Several of our members were able to travel to Halifax in early May to take advantage of the speed-dating style of meetings. These interactions are designed to introduce our members to the travel trade.

Nunavut is always popular with the travel trade since they recognize the gem that we call home.  Watch for further updates on the meetings and contact information from the the travel trade especially  key people that might benefit your business by driving more traffic to you from markets that you might not be able to afford to advertise into or seem unattainable by barriers like language and distance.

If you are interested in attending one of these shows with us please send an email to