CEO Message

School is back in and Fall is upon us and for most of you that means a little down time and hopefully some time to check your gear and plan for next year. In the office we have been busy with annual reports, budgets and planning for the annual general meeting scheduled for October.
Nominations are open for the vacant board of directors positions and I hope you plan to vote! An active association can only benefit each of our members and the tourism industry as a whole.


Hub International Insurance

We have partnered with Hub International Insurance to bring you the best possible rates on commercial insurance.
We understand that insurance can be one of the biggest expenses for business but it is very close to one of the most needed pieces of information requested by organizations and travelers alike.
Do you know someone that is thinking about starting an outfitting business but are hesitant because of the high cost of insurance? Send them to our Manager of Membership & Engagement to get all of the information on how they can become a member and take advantage of this great savings.

Travel Nunavut Website

Check your website listing at, we can help you draw more traffic to your listing on our site.  Is there a better picture we could be using?  Does your write up accurately describe ALL the services and options that you provide?  Let us know if we can help.

Travel Nunavut website is generating significant traffic, and we have been referring quality potential clients to our members, so it makes sense to have the best exposure that you can with some awesome photography.

In advertising, photographs are meant to get attention, and that’s what your listing on our website is, Advertisement!

So get the most attention possible with some great photos, relevant to your business, this will attract the attention of travellers interested in your business and drive buyers to your business.

Small Business Week 2018

This year Travel Nunavut’s AGM will coincide Small Business Week.  Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce will be running a series of workshops that members may find beneficial.

For up to date information on what is available look at the Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce Facebook page at

Annual General Meeting

As part of our AGM in October, Travel Nunavut will be holding information sessions and workshops on a variety of subjects.  The AGM is scheduled for October 16 1:15 pm – 3 pm.

We will have presentations by the staff that day and further information about the sessions will be coming out in the near future. Watch for an email.

If you are interested in attending the AGM in Iqaluit please send an email to to indicate your interest. Out of town attendance will be based on availability of funding for travel.

Board member elections

Last week you received an invitation to vote in the Travel Nunavut 2018 vacant board positions. If you haven’t received the link to vote please contact

Get your votes in to decide who will be on the Board for the next 2 years.  There are 6 candidates vying for 3 positions on the board.

Click on the link in your email and it will take you directly to the ballot where you can read the candidate statements when choosing where you will place your vote.  Get your votes in this week!

Business Resources

We have partnered with HUB International to bring our members greatly reduced liability insurance options. Please email Tony to get copies of the paperwork you need to get a quote.

The Government of Nunavut has several programs to help offset some business expenses.To find out if you qualify you can visit the website for more details.

Do you know someone that has a tourism related business? They should be members! Please let us know by email how we can speak with them and show them all of the benefits of membership.

If your employees require Wilderness First Aid or Small Vessel Operators Proficiency training, please contact Christopher Gerlach at the Government of Nunavut’s Tourism and Cultural Industries division for more information. He can be reached at or 1-867-975-7804.