The Lodge at Little Duck, Inc.

Edehon Lake Caribou Camp accommodates up to 8 hunting guests per week and offers a very unique adventure that only a handful of lucky hunters get to experience each year. Comfortable accommodations, hot showers, home-cooked meals, electricity, friendly and professional Inuit guides along with onsite camp management makes this hunt a truly first class experience. Get the first opportunity at hunting these magnificent Caribou as they migrate through our area on their way South. Hunters have a choice of rifle, bow or muzzleloader, along with the opportunity to harvest a wolf or wolverine. The Northern Lights are such an amazing sight and appear in the skies nightly. If it’s time to scratch that caribou hunt off your bucket list, give us a call.
New for 2017…additional caribou hunting opportunities are now available at our new location on Henik Lake.

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