Tupirvik Territorial Park (Campground)

Tupirvik Territorial Park (campground) provides a pleasant place to camp out when visiting Resolute. The park is newly developed, with outhouse facilities, tent pads and campfire pits. Signs from the airport lead to the campsite. Hiking the ancient seabed terrain, visitors may find fossils of fish 400 million years old. Whales are often spotted in Resolute Bay, which is a critical junction point along the Northwest Passage. Resolute is named after the British ship HMS Resolute which became trapped in ice and abandoned here in 1850 while searching for the lost Franklin Expedition.

Getting Here


Getting to Resolute


First Air serves Resolute with regularly scheduled service from Iqaluit.

Getting to Tupirvik Territorial Park


The Tupirvik Territorial Park campground area is a ten-minute drive from the Resolute airport.

For more information, check the Nunavut Parks website.


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