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This is the Arctic in Bloom! Visit a destination that few people get to explore, the North Baffin, 700 km (435 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. In this magical land of ice and light, life abounds in the arctic spring and summer.

The beginning of July brings a profusion of wildflowers as the arctic plants look to set seed quickly in this all too brief summer. Take in the explosion of colour on the tundra as you find many species of arctic flowers and learn about the incredible survival strategies they use to live in this unforgiving northern climate.

People have lived in this area for thousands of years, and you will visit the site of some old qarmat (sod houses) where people stayed while collecting slate for ulu (women’s knives), and take in a cultural demonstration from local Inuit in Arctic Bay. You will also visit a more recent human endeavor, the site of the first mine ever dug north of the Arctic Circle, located at Nanisivik.

The North Baffin is a wonderful, and wonder filled land, of mountains and fiords, populated by friendly people. You’ll see it at the most beautiful time, with warm 24 hour sun.

Our highly customizable package.  This is primarily a land based tour from Early May to Late September.  This can include some ice or boating experiences depending upon the dates and weather conditions.  Camping or motel nightly stays depending upon your adventure spirit.  What do you want in your Arctic Bay Adventure?



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