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Travel Nunavut has a library of resources to help our members learn the knowledge and skills to be successful in the tourism industry. Whether you’re looking to develop new products or want to learn more about what it means to work with the travel trade, our resources cover a wealth of topics to help your business succeed.

We’ve also included links to some valuable resources created by our partners.

Business, Market and Trade Ready Program

This training workbook is part of a learning program to help you be competitive in the global tourism industry. Whether you have been in business for 10+ years with formal tourism education, or are planning to start a new tourism business, this tool provides new information, helpful links and valuable learning opportunities to support tourism businesses on their business development path.

Click to access the online learning management system, this system will teach you how to become Trade and Market Ready!

Product Development Workbook

The Product Development Workbook was created to guide our members through the process of turning an idea for a tourism product or service into a profitable, sustainable reality.

Learn how to:

  • Develop, price, market and sell a new product
  • Work with other local businesses to create tourism programs and packages
  • Work with national and international tour operators and booking agents (chain of distribution)
  • And much more!

Business Aftercare Guide

Starting a business is one thing, but ensuring your business remains profitable and sustainable is a different job altogether.

The Business Aftercare Guide was created to support tourism businesses after start-up and covers the following topics:

  • The Tourism Market in Nunavut
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Annual Business Review
  • Business Development
  • Operational Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Resources

Business Aftercare Video Series

The Business Aftercare video series was created as a companion to our popular Business Aftercare Guide. These five videos complement the content covered in the printed guide, including: Licenses and Permits, Financial Matters, Human Resources, Operational Planning and Marketing.

Watch the video series on our YouTube channel!

Customer Service Handbook

Learn the basics of customer service with this helpful handbook! Find out what tourists want and need to make their travel experience enjoyable, and develop a strategy to train your staff using these best practices.

Download the Customer Service guide in English or Inuktitut.

Careers in Tourism

Are you interested in getting involved in tourism, but don’t know what your options are? From guiding trips on the land to running a bed and breakfast, this handbook covers it all. Learn about the different sectors that make up the tourism industry and find out what career in tourism is right for you.

This is also an excellent resource to get your community interested and encourage people to become involved!

Download Tourism as a Career guide in English or Inuktitut.

Fishing Guide Basics

Do you want to combine your passion for fishing with a career in guiding? After watching our 35-minute training video, you’ll come away with the proper knowledge of how to be a professional and successful fishing guide in Nunavut.

Check it out here!

Other Resources

Government of Nunavut
Tourism Development Handbook
This handbook is designed to help you assess, plan and implement your tourism project. The information provided is geared towards the first-time business operator, who may not be familiar with the development process in Nunavut. For established operators, the handbook can provide assistance for expansion or diversification of tourism products.

Nunavut Marine Tourism Management Plan

If you’re involved in marine tourism, this document outlines Government of Nunavut’s approach to managing the territory’s marine tourism subsector by seeking to achieve four interconnected goals; the enhanced ability of communities to access economic benefits from marine tourism, the establishment of enticing products and services, the informed implementation of marine tourism specific legislation, and finally, the fostering of improved communication between all stakeholders.

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada
National Guidelines for Indigenous Cultural ExperiencesThe intent of this guide is to inspire excellence in Indigenous cultural tourism (ICT) experiences across Canada. These National guidelines are YOUR tool to help you to develop and deliver a market ready and authentic ICT product. The guide contains valuable information, checklists and best practices as well as a self-assessment to help you develop, deliver and price an authentic Indigenous tourism experience.

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