How To Get Here

Nunavut is massive. It occupies a fifth of Canada – which is over 1 million square kilometres. Seeing all of it in one visit is not practical for most visitors. Its important you know where you want to go when planning your trip – after all, there is no highway you can pull a U-turn on and head back to another community. Getting here is part of the adventure.


Air Access

All communities in Nunavut are accessible by air. You’ll find yourself flying on either Canadian North airlines or Calm Air to get into the territory.  The gateway cities to Nunavut are mostly served by jet service.

  • Montreal (to Iqaluit)
  • Ottawa (to Iqaluit)
  • Winnipeg (to Rankin Inlet)
  • Yellowknife (to Cambridge Bay)

Once you get to Nunavut, if you’re continuing from one of the hubs to another community, you’ll be flying on a smaller plane likely. Pack your patience – the weather is boss in Nunavut which can sometimes mean waiting around in airports.

Cruise Access

Cruise ships are an excellent way to see unique parts of Nunavut. In addition to landing in some the most beautiful and inspiring communities, cruises also allow you to land at some unique historical sites and parks. Cruise ships visit Nunavut from July – October and your route will vary based on which ship you are travelling on. Adventure Canada and Quark Expeditions are great places to start your planning.


Nunavut is the only province or Territory in Canada that is accessible only by air or sea.

Getting here is part of the adventure.

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