Auyuittuq Classic Hike

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Auyuittuq National Park in Canada’s eastern Arctic has some of the most beautiful alpine scenery on earth. This backpacking expedition explores the Akshayuk Pass - from Overlord Peak to Summit Lake.

We meet in Pangnirtung - a remote Inuit hamlet on the shore of Pangnirtung Fiord. Joavee Alivakyuk, our outfitter, will arrange for local Inuit to take us by motor boat to Overlord Peak at the end of the fiord. At this point, we'll help each other put on our packs for the first steps north on our 70-km journey.

We will ascend the Weasel River Valley towards the top of the pass - 500 metres above the sea. As we penetrate the mountains, we’ll pass Crater Lake before reaching the Arctic Circle. Across the valley we’ll see Schwartzenbach Falls. Shortly thereafter, we'll reach Windy Lake. The valley beyond takes us past Thor Peak, which rises 1500 metres from the valley floor. Our turnaround point is beautiful Summit Lake. Here, we often take a long day-hike with light packs to the Turner Glacier - to view a spectacular, cylindrical tower called Mount Asgard - before turning back toward the sea.

The "Auyuittuq Classic" is a suitable expedition for any reasonably-fit hiker with some previous backpacking experience. An adventurous novice could also consider the trip. We will be carrying full packs, and, in places, the route is challenging. You will return home with memories of some of the most breathtaking scenery in Canada.

"My expectations were surpassed in every way." John, Ontario, Canada

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