All of the services PEO Services provides will start and begin from Pangnirtung through out the visitor season as it is our home base. We will provide transportation to and from the airport but it needs to be requested prior to arrival. Once in Pangnirtung, all visitors will be transported by boat to their destinations.
For multi day trip’s to the park, please refer to the Guide handbook or consult with the Park’s Office in Pangnirtung for list of services and equipment to bring including emergency supplies.
Auyuittuq National Park is approx 28.5 kilometres northeast of Pangnirtung for drop off or pick up and the ride is approximately 45 minutes, one way, by boat. Day Trips to the park is available where visitors have the choice of sightseeing just from the boats with no hiking necessary, or short hikes can be made available if the visitors chose to do so.
Due to Low and High tide currents, accessibility times will vary and should be looked into prior to the trips. During the Month of July, very little darkness occurs in the Pangnirtung and Park Area.



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