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Axel Heiberg is an large, uninhabited island in the Canadian high Arctic. Extremely remote and visited by only a handful of scientists and adventurers, this is one of the most-unique destinations on earth. The island is mountainous, and a third is covered by glaciers - which provide constantly-spectacular scenery. The wildlife is surprisingly plentiful given the harsh climate and terrain. We may see herds of muskoxen, Peary caribou, arctic wolves, Arctic foxes, Arctic hare, and even polar bears.

The island is becoming a hotspot in the world for the discovery of fossils. In 1985, a Canadian Geographical Survey party discovered rows of mummified tree trunks exposed by wind erosion on the slopes of the Geodetic Hills Fossil Forest. Here we'll tour the remains of these 45-million-year-old giant Dawn Redwood trees. 

The plan for the expedition is to make our way from the Expedition Fiord basin to the Strand Fiord basin using a series of base camps. We’ll explore the area near each base camp through a number of day hikes. This allows us to gain elevation to spectacular views of flowing glaciers and valleys, without being burdened by the weight of full packs. 

The "Axel Heiberg" expedition is suitable for those some previous experience in wilderness backpacking and camping, who are also looking for one of the most-unusual travel experiences on earth. On this trip, there will be times when you will be the first human being to walk on the ground beneath your feet.

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