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Caribou hunting still remains as one of the most sought after hunts in all of North America. Whether its  a “bucket list” hunt, or a species that’s needed to complete a personal quest or slam, these hunts are as popular now as ever. For many, this will be your first time experiencing the Arctic Tundra while hunting for an animal you’ve likely never seen. Setting out each day on the Arctic landscape in search of that trophy bull is something to behold. This is a hunters experience of a lifetime. At this time of year, the tundra has come to life with its wildly vivid colors and very distinct personality, and is surrounded by pristine waterways and rivers. Our Inuit guides know this country well and will take their hunters by boat from one area to the next in search of trophy bulls. At different times of the day, your guide might beach the boat and take a short hike onto higher ground to glass miles of tundra for caribou. Our guides are very personable, eager to help, and are very happy and proud to share their Inuit heritage with their hunting guests. A further layer of first class service lies with the very experienced and personal onsite camp managers and their wives who instantly have you in their back pockets with the incredibly friendly hospitality and of course the amazing meals they create for you once in camp. You will not go hungry here and its probably a good thing you walk a little each day to burn off some calories.
The rolling tundra is not hard to negotiate and is generally hard under foot walking. Combined with the use of boats, allows us to tailor a hunt to an individual’s preferences or physical ability. We offer hunters the chance at harvesting a bull with rifle, bow or muzzleloader. Although our terrain is mainly tundra, it still offers excellent cover in terms of small stands of spruce, dwarf birch, outcroppings of rocks and natural ridges that enable a hunter to not only wait for the animals to come to them, but also lends to a “spot and stalk strategy” for that monster bull of a lifetime. Each of our camps take only 8 hunters per week, so its always best to call and book early.
Through the cooperation of our Nunavut partners, we now have a committed number of tags to run our hunts each and every year.  With that said, we stay committed to doing everything in our power to get our hunters in front of caribou.
The Qamanirjuaq Caribou Herd is still considered by all to be one of the healthiest herds found anywhere on the planet. That said, there is unfortunately still the expectation out there with some hunters that all you have to do is show up and take your pick of the animal you want hanging over your fireplace. Although this is definitely sometimes the case, we don’t over-predict your potential success based on that scenario. Hunters still have to go out and hunt, and nothing is taken for granted. Hunting is still hunting, even when hunting an animal that has such high population numbers.
We hope that we have the opportunity to discuss one of our caribou hunts with you. We definitely think you’ll have a trip of a lifetime!! Fishing is included with all hunting packages and different camps have sometimes different species. A fishing license is included in each package and we have some rods and reels in camp for those that wish to throw a lure or spinner. Nothing like some fresh fish along with a fresh caribou steak for sinner. Did you know, we can also combine a Wolf and/or a Wolverine with any caribou hunt?
Give us a call or send us an email. We try to be available anytime to talk about what we love to do best, and that’s hunt and fish!!



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