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The barrenlands give birth to the Coppermine River, a Canadian Heritage River that jostles through a rock-ribbed landscape, bound for the far Arctic.

Reached by bush plane from Yellowknife, our trip on the Coppermine River involves 14 days of adventure – and provides a lifetime of stories.

The Arctic Circle is a line of lore and legend – and the Coppermine River is the only trip we run where you can cross it by canoe (66°33′46.4″ N). You’ll cross into the true polar zone, a mythic region on a fraction of the travelers on earth have ever entered.

Paddle in the footsteps of Sir John Franklin’s journey to the Arctic Ocean, where you’ll have the option to take (short) swim at the end of your trip – if you are so brave! There is a deep history along the Coppermine River from the early Copper Inuit to explorers George Douglas, Samuel Hearne and Sir John Franklin.

Home to the Bluenose East caribou herd, you should keep your eyes peeled for this keystone species, along with grizzlies patrolling flat-topped mountains along our route. This wild, wide-open country is also host to moose that plod along the river and muskox that congregating along nearby tundra slopes. The Coppermine River valley is not only teeming with animals, but you stand good chances at spotting rare arctic raptors such as the gyrfalcons, rough-legged hawks, and golden eagles that nest along rugged granite cliffs.

This archaeologically-rich region will showcase a legacy of stone tent rings, meat caches and inukshuks. The Coppermine River is known for profile arctic char fishing, alongside arctic grayling and lake trout.

The historic Sandstone, Muskox and Escape Rapids are big volume rapids demanding both caution and expertise by intermediate or advanced canoeists. For less-experienced paddlers seeking a tundra trip, check out our Upper Horton River or Thelon River adventures.

Call us at 1 (867) 445-4512 for more information about our guided Coppermine River canoe adventure through the barrenlands in Nunavut!


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