Ellesmere – Alexandra Fiord



Alexandra Fiord is on the east coast of Ellesmere Island - in Nunavut, Canada. This magnificent area is found high above the Arctic Circle at nearly 80 degrees north latitude, and only 30 kilometers from the west coast of Greenland. Tidewater glaciers calve icebergs into a magnificent fiord system, ringed by the highest mountains in eastern North America. Extreme isolation and harsh weather conditions for much of the year have restricted explorers to this part of the world. Thus, this fiord system still holds many secrets of past civilizations.

Each summer, for a brief period beneath the midnight sun, the temperature moderates. The snow melts from the rugged mountain peaks, and the sea ice breaks up. This provides a brief opportunity to explore this amazing place by kayak. The islands and fiords are rich with wildlife. Some of the best-preserved artifacts and ruins from Thule, Dorset, and Viking cultures dot the shorelines. Alexandra Fiord is also home to muskoxen, walruses, narwhal, Arctic foxes, and polar bears.

This expedition is perfect for seasoned Arctic adventurers. Participants should be adventurous, and looking for one of the most unique travel experiences on earth.

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