Floe Edge Wildlife Basecamp

Floe Edge


From the community of Pond Inlet, we will travel by snowmobile and “Qamutik” (wooden sled) towards the floe edge - an area known as the "line of life". Guided by highly-qualified Black Feather guides, as well as Inuit guides, ice conditions and weather will determine our exact route. Once a suitable area has been chosen, a comfortable base camp will be created. The base camp will serve as a hub for the expedition and the various activities that will be undertaken.

Your safety will be the number one priority as we explore, film, and photograph one of nature's most amazing and variable landscapes. No other company in the world has the same experience in organizing and running this type of adventure. The experience and knowledge of the local guides is also unmatched. Combined with top-quality customer service and attention to detail, this is truly one of the classic Arctic adventures.

Full advantage will be taken of the endless days to explore and learn more about this incredible environment. This year we have added optional ski and kayak tours. These activities will depend on the conditions. During this expedition, we have a chance of seeing polar bears, a variety of species of sea birds, narwhal, seals, and (possibly) the massive bowhead whale.

The floe edge of North Baffin Island is a “must-see” place for wilderness photographers, birders, and wildlife observers. This base camp expedition is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast seeking a one-of-a-kind adventure in a most unique landscape! 

Black Feather's “Floe Edge Ski and Sea Kayak Base Camp” experience  has been designated a “Canadian Signature Experience” by Destination Canada.

 "The interaction with the local Inuit guides was a real highlight. They were funny, pretty communicative, and professional."  Marilyn, Ontario, Canada

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