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Renewables & Sustainable Living 

Illu Inc.’s vision is to develop, test and deploy commercial and residential housing projects that utilize proven renewable technologies that work in the Canadian Arctic. As Nunavut Clean Energy Educators, Illu Inc. is committed to promoting clean energy solutions and building energy efficient homes for Nunavummiut.  Illu Inc. continues to partner with renowned experts in the renewable energy sector to invest in R&D, building envelope/energy projects within remote arctic communities in Nunavut.

“In the world we live in today, we can no longer differentiate our lives from the lives of the natural habitats around us. Illu Inc. believes strongly in sustainable development that is holistic and heart centric.  In a delicate Arctic environment with constant change, building smart for improved quality of life, lower energy costs, and so on … is key.”

The Illu Inc. Residence 

Our passion is to provide Nunavummiut with a quality place to call home, while investing in the communities we serve and love.

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