Video Packages

Video Production
From pre to post-production, VDOpro leverages Vincent’s vast experience and expertise to produce video that captures and communicates compelling messages that resonate with clients and audiences.
Television programming, documentaries and feature-length films
Digital advertising and promotional programs
Corporate communications and training initiatives
Live recording and streaming of professional and community events

Our photography service is characterized by its level of quality, versatility, and Vincent’s ability to capture key moments on film that are aligned with client objectives. We have an extensive track record of shooting outdoor and indoor activities for a wide range of client needs.
Community events and festivals
Marketing materials, including traditional and digital
Corporate and industry conferences, profiles and portraits

Equipment Rentals
VDOpro offers a wide selection of professional-grade photography and video production gear to clients on a short-term rental basis.
Renting equipment while filming in the “north” provides numerous benefits related to transportation cost savings, and ensuring access to suitable equipment for the Arctic climate without compromising project outcomes.
Please contact us to learn more about availability and costing.




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