10 Things To Do While In Nunavut

1. Photograph the mythical unicorn of the sea – the narwhal

2. Ride in a qamutik (traditional Inuit sled) across an open lead in the sea ice

igloo fred lemire

3. Learn the skill of Iglu building from an Inuit hunter

4. Learn the art of traditional Inuit throat singing

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5. Smell the bitter sweet scent of a purple saxifrage, the Nunavut flower

Narraway 208

6. Feel the history resonate from the abandoned Inuit camps, rocky graves and tent rings

7. Taste muktuk, whale blubber

8. Dance under the magic of the Midnight Sun. Experience the 24 hour daylight


9. Reel in an Arctic Char from the Arctic Ocean

10.  Create an arctic melody on a traditional Inuit drum

#DiscoverNunavut and follow our list or create your own for an adventure of a lifetime!

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