5 Things To Do In Pond Inlet

Pond Inlet has many names. It is referred to as “Mittimatalik”, named after an ancient person who is presumed to be laid to rest here. But it’s nickname is “The Jewel of the North”. After one visit, it’s not hard to imagine why. Between pristine mountain landscapes, and the bustling activity of wildlife at the floe edge, Pond Inlet is a Nunavut destination you want to have on your bucket-list.

1. Visit The Floe Edge

The community of Pond Inlet is located on the northern tip of Baffin Island. With its proximity to the Arctic Ocean, Pond Inlet’s floe edge is also a hub of wildlife activity. Springtime sees pods of narwhals and belugas, as well as polar bears in search of seals. Pond Inlet’s floe edge is a true arctic safari.

2. Go Kayaking

Access to the Arctic Ocean also means arctic paddling. Book a sea kayak adventure and head out to float between ice floes and in amongst the shadows of giant icebergs. Whether you’re out for a day trip, or spending a week exploring lost inlets and landscapes, kayaking on the top of the world is an adventure and challenge like no other.

3. Take In The Mountains

The view from town is breathtaking. Pond Inlet looks across the strait onto Sirmilik National Park, and the Byam Martin Mountains. Nestled amongst them is the Kaparoqtalik Glacier, a relic from an ancient time that carved the landscape we know today. Snow capped year-round, the range completes a picturesque view from this small hamlet.

4. See The Northern Lights (or the Midnight Sun!)

Regardless of when you’re travelling, the sky is something to behold. Starting mid-November the sun sets, and doesn’t fully rise again until January. While at first it is strange having lunch amongst the stars, there is a magic to being able to take in the northern sky all day long. Around midnight, the northern lights come out and dance in brilliant swirls of green and purple. It’s truly like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Come summer time, the opposite happens. At the beginning of May, the sun rises, and stays up until August. You lose track of time as the nonstop daylight fills you with energy and an eagerness for adventure. Just, don’t forget to pack a sleep mask.

5. See and Buy Soapstone Carvings

Pond Inlet is home to a thriving arts community. To this day, Inuit artists learn how to create traditional carvings, inspired by the land, stories, and culture. Soapstone Carving is an ancient art form that connects us to the past and across cultures. Artists from Pond Inlet are often travelling around the world to present their work in galleries, or participate in artist residencies. Stop in to the Nattinak Visitors Centre to find out who is in town, and what work they have for sale.

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