Capturing the spirit of the Arctic in Nunavut

With iconic wildlife, majestic fiords, spellbinding Northern Lights and all kinds of life-affirming outdoor adventures, Nunavut sure makes for one photogenic place.

Every year, photographers flock to the Arctic for a vacation they’ve always dreamed of. Here, they travel to the floe edge to capture pods of narwhal, feeling the spray of the breaching mammals nearby as they take a breath and then plunge, tusk first, back into the frigid depths. Visitors will snuggle up together comfortably in an igloo and then rush outside with their tripods as soon as the sensational aurora begins to dance high above on the tundra. In summer, they document the 24-hour day with a time-lapse photo of the sun that just refuses to dip below the horizon.

Watching a Narwhal whale pod in open water

While outfitters and tourism operators in most Nunavut communities are waiting to guide photographers on their journeys, there are also many local photographers who know where you can get the perfect photo—and who can provide you with all the inspiration you need to start planning your next trip to Nunavut.

Waiting to capture Arctic wildlife


In Iqaluit, Vincent Desrosiers through his company VDOpro, has been documenting life in Nunavut through photo and video for more than a decade. VDOpro provides a range of services that include equipment rentals, location scouting, transportation and logistics services, production consulting and support, as well as on-the-ground photography and video.

Umingmak Productions

Based out of Kugluktuk, Umingmak Productions focuses on wildlife and landscape photography. Mathieu Dumond, a longtime wildlife biologist, captures iconic Arctic animals like muskoxen, wolverines, caribou and wolves interacting in their natural habitats. Umingmak (‘muskox’ in Inuktut) also offers production services for visiting film crews and photographers, logistical support, as well as equipment rentals.

Jack Willie Photography

From the breathtakingly beautiful North Baffin community of Arctic Bay, Jack Willie takes stunning photos of the town’s picturesque surroundings, the area’s marvellous landmarks—like “the Pants” rock-arch formation nearby—while also documenting local culture.

Baffin Photography

Jason Miller, owner of Baffin Photography, is a landscape and aviation photographer based in Iqaluit. Employed as a pilot, Miller has travelled extensively across Nunavut—frequently flying up and down Baffin Island—capturing magical aurora borealis scenes, the snowy Pangnirtung fjord and much, much more.

Ajjiit Photography

Ajjiit Photography is a new local business that specializes in personal and family portraiture, from its studio in the Nunavut capital.

Vivid aurora

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