Travellers Drink From Iceberg – Nature's Water Fountain!

Icebergs are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena of the Arctic. Coming in a variety of artistic shapes, sizes, and colouration, icebergs create irresistible photography. Close-encounters with soaring icebergs are a dream of many adventures and travellers alike.

Travellers on our summer Arctic safari, Polar Bears & Glaciers of Baffin Island, love exploring the icebergs of Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut and Auyuittuq National Park by boat. Guests on this trip in August 2017 got a special treat – the chance to drink from a melting grounded iceberg!

Our Senior Expedition Leader, Dave Briggs captured this bucket list experience, below:

This area of Nunavut is affectionately nicknamed “iceberg alley”, as it is home to many incredible icebergs. Most of these icebergs have calved off the Greenland Ice Cap, but some originate from the glaciers on Ellesmere Island, Devon Island, and Baffin Island.

There are more than 10,000 icebergs afloat in the waters of Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, making them amazing locations for iceberg watching.

The iceberg in this video is a massive tabular iceberg grounded off the coast of Baffin Island near Qikiqtarjuaq. It has been slowly melting since it grounded here almost 7 years ago. In the melting process, water flows over the berg and cascades off in a waterfall.

“This water is some of the purest water on the planet!”, says Briggs. “It is possible the water is derived from snow that fell during the last ice age 10,000 year ago. Taking a cup and drawing a fresh drink from the iceberg is both intriguing and magical.”

During the long days of Arctic summers, the expansive surface of large icebergs often melt and develop fast-flowing rivers on the surface. The amount of water flow will change daily depending on the daytime and nighttime temperatures.  On this particular day it was a beautiful sunny day in the height of summer, causing above-average flow – and allowing Arctic Kingdom travellers the experience of a lifetime!

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By: Liz Carino

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