Enjoy The Adventure!

Placing one foot in front of the other as a healthy fun way to enjoy the great outdoors is nothing new to human beings, but very few people from other parts of the planet have had the pleasure of hiking in the boundless natural paradise of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. You are cordially invited!

There are numerous hiking trails and historical sites to visit, plus countless riverbanks, lakeshores, gorges, plateaus, hills, mountains, coastlines and rolling expanses of flowering tundra or ice field beauty to explore in Nunavut.

One of the best hiking areas in Nunavut is Auyuittuq National Park, especially near Mount Thor — a towering granite peak located 46 kilometres (29 miles) northeast of Pangnirtung which features the world’s tallest vertical cliff face drop of 1,250 metres (4,101 ft.) making it very popular with mountain climbers.

Hiking in and around Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island will lead trekkers to thriving bird habitats, beautiful arctic shores, superb fishing spots and important archeological sites. Another excellent historical Nunavut hike, which commemorates the great arctic explorers Amundsen and Franklin, is located in the Northwest Passage Historical Park near the community of Gjoa Haven.

Bring high-quality hiking footwear for trekking across bare rocks, talus slopes, icy patches and gravel beaches, plus softer soled shoes for tromping around delicate tundra camping sites.

Hiking with good friends in Nunavut will provide an unforgettable lifetime experience!

Many foot trails are seaside pathways, while some traverses are ancient inland corridors.

Try to leave the landscape exactly as you found it.

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